About Us

The Clean Community Project is cleaning up the streets of the greater Seattle area by providing housing, support services, training and employment for every homeless person that is ready for a Clean Start. In addition, we provide bio cleanups for families without insurance that have had a tragic death and the cost of a professional cleanup would be a severe financial burden.

The Clean Community Project also provides free hypodermic needle and drug paraphernalia pickups in public areas and around businesses in the greater Seattle area, as well as pickup and disposal of hazardous waste left by transients. Our organization was started from cries from the community to clean up the streets from potentially hazardous needles discarded in areas where our children play every day, on the streets, sidewalks, schools, parks, and playgrounds.


12426 Number of people homeless in King County
22304 Total number of homeless people in Washington State
143 Percent increase in chronically homeless in WA since 2017
49512 Number of needles we picked up this year

Properties We Have Cleaned

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