Advisory Board

Robert Gereige

Partner Relations Director & Member of the Board

Robert Gereige has more than 25 years in roles and industries where people come first, spanning Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, Public Speaking, Investment Research, Due Diligence, Risk Analysis, Business Analysis, Leadership, and IT Sourcing & Implementation.

Robert’s career started as a Territory Manager in 1998 for Shaw Industries (based in Australia) where he exceeded sales targets and formed great relationships with his clients.

In 2002 then moved into Finance helping people restructure their mortgages and finances to achieve better outcomes for their families.

In 2003, Robert worked for a Hong Kong based Investment Research and Publishing company, teaching people how to assess their risk profiles, conducting thorough due diligence, whilst being an integral part of the company’s strategic direction. He also single-handily saved investors 5.75 million from an illegal, unlicensed and unregulated online forex broker, of which each investor re-cooped 80% of their investments, working with overseas financial regulators.

Over the last 10 years, Robert has been fully managing his families’ restaurant in Melbourne to be close to family and make up for the lost time he has spent away pursuing his passions in life. Whilst managing the restaurant he also became very empathic towards people in need and the homeless and would often buy them a meal or blanket so they could be warm during the winter months. He has also spent many hours outside of his restaurant management role, assisting people to move into new employment.

Robert is passionate and motivated to help people selflessly who are in need and is driven to protect and better people’s lives. Robert is married to his wife of 5 years and she also fully supports his vision of making a difference and giving back to those who need it.

He currently serves on the Board Of Directors and heads up Partner Relations.

Juan Palomo Jr.

Health & Safety Director

Juan has extensive experience working in high-risk environments with a solid understanding of OSHA / MSHA / WAC regulations and hazard risk assessments. In his 12 + years of experience, he has gained excellent communication and leadership skills in health and safety management working with a wide range of trades and fully managing a safety program on large projects.

Juan has a passion for what he does, a strong drive to achieve results, the ability to solve problems creatively, and a dedication to client service and relationship management. He is a diverse, well-rounded safety professional that has experience working in many different industries (Oil & Gas, General Industry, Construction, Mining / Tunneling, Bridges, etc.).

My mission is to ensure all employees have a strong understanding of company safety rules and regulations to ensure all employees go home safely incident and injury-free each and every workday.

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