Law Enforcement/Fire

Clean Community Project cleaning a law enforcement vehicle.

Clean Community Project (CCP) is a supporter and partner committed to helping law enforcement and fire service first responders do the vital work of protecting, serving, and saving lives and responding to crisis in our communities. As a Non-profit 501c, CCP is providing law enforcement and fire departments the necessary biohazard remediation that most traditional cleaners are not equipped to handle for vehicles, equipment, and premises, including holding cells and crime scenes.  CCP also provide free COVID19 services, for both department and personal vehicles and facilities,

CCP ensure proper treatment to decontaminate and remediate these areas, to keep these environments cleaner, safer and biohazard free. CCP ensure first responder vehicles can remain safely on the road and continue serving community day and night.

Our CCP certified professional technicians will address safety issues, remove all traces of biohazardous materials including blood, body fluids, tissue, narcotics, dangerous chemicals, contaminated materials, and any other potentially hazardous items, which carry pathogens that linger on surfaces for weeks. The area will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, deodorized and biohazards are collected and disposed of carefully in accordance with state biohazard waste safety guidelines. CCP maintains full OSHA compliance, meets Bloodborne Pathogen training requirements and uses compliant personal protective equipment (PPE).

Risk Assessment & Testing

We assess your unique situation by testing your environment and the scope of work required free of charge, then provide a report and quotation to bring your environment and equipment back to sanitary bliss!

Monitoring & Compliance

Your current cleaning schedule can be enhanced with quarterly or monthly sanitizations and tear-down inspections. CCP is here to assist you with creating a plan and developing a schedule for your routine decontamination calls, to ensure that you meet and even exceed your compliance requirements and continue to maintain the highest reputation for service and safety. With CCP your premises, vehicles and equipment will be ready for use sooner.

Law Enforcement Vehicles Remediation

Police officers have enough difficult tasks, cleaning up biohazardous waste should not be one of them. Law enforcement regularly encounters biohazard threats at crime scenes and during arrests and offenders can contaminate a police vehicle through vomiting, urination, open sores, or blood spills.

Porous materials saturated with bio-waste are difficult to clean with over-the-counter solutions. These biohazards may be difficult to detect and traces of blood, saliva, or fentanyl on someone’s clothes may not affect an officer directly, but bacterial agents soak up in the upholstery and interior in patrol cars long after a suspect has been processed, leaving officers and passengers vulnerable to infection.

Cleaning a vehicle is difficult no matter how much training you have. It is cramped, restrictive, and difficult to reach certain areas. To diminish the risk of spreading disease through bloodborne pathogens, powerful chemicals are needed to sanitize the vehicle. We’ll disassemble and replace vehicle components that have been affected by biohazardous waste and target invisible pathogens that may have been left behind by a contaminated suspect. Our process also eliminates stubborn odors and removes signs of visible waste.

Police Station & Holding Cells Remediation

CCP understand that violence and unsanitary behaviour in holding cells can become a hotspot for infectious pathogens and biohazards such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases, blood clean up, bodily fluid cleaning, human waste and excrement, urine, faeces, and vomit, and human flesh.

CCP uses the proper deep cleaning techniques with the right chemicals and equipment. Our biohazard decontamination remediation technicians can successfully decontaminate, disinfect, and sanitize any biohazards to provide a safe and clean environment for law enforcement personnel and inmates.

The unsafe nature of holding cell clean-up, makes it strongly recommended that only adequately trained and certified biohazard technicians are employed to remove and dispose of hazardous debris and medical waste.

A disease outbreak can risk the whole station, so CCP makes sure that cells tarnished by vomiting, blood spills, urination, defecation, and saliva are purged of pathogens. We also handle suicide and homicide clean-up when they occur by removing materials affected by the incident and properly decontaminate the cell for future use.

 Crime Scene Clean-up

Crime scenes especially suicides, murders and homicides are high risk environments for bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B & C and HIV. CCP technicians are available 24/7 to work closely with law enforcement and fire to ensure first responders, investigators, and evidence collectors aren’t at risk from pathogens which can survive inside or outside of a deceased person for several days.  As the methods of exposure to bloodborne pathogens include ingestion, inhalation, absorption, injection, and direct mucous membrane contact, CCP attend the scenes quickly and provide the professional and qualified trauma scene remediation required to ensure the safety of everyone.

Fire Service Remediation

CCP understand that fire services, like law enforcement are exposed to similar biohazard threats each day, and potentially coming into contact with any number of infected people. CCP is proud to provide our sanitisation and remediation services of fire department  stations, PPE and vehicles and recognise it is crucial to ensure the health and safety of our fire departments employees.  From deep cleaning, to fogging whole areas to ensure that added layer of protection or seal stops germs permeating to the seats, steering wheel and general upholstery of fire department vehicles, CCP are here to help.

Call or email us today to see how we can help your Law enforcement and fire department stay COVID19 free and safe from biohazard harm. Our technicians offer free testing, risk assessments and COVID19 clean-ups.

You take great care of us, let us take care of you!