Transient Camp Cleanup

Clean Community Project cleaning a transient camp.

Life at the Clean Community Project (CCP) is about supporting a better, cleaner, happier, healthier, and safer life for all Americans. As a Non-profit 501c, all proceeds remain in our programs, to provide discounted or free services for qualified families and businesses, where insurance doesn’t cover the cost of professional clean-up services or where the financial burden makes it unaffordable.  Please click here to see if you are eligible for discounted or free services.

Thousands of local businesses, public parks, overpasses and private residencies are affected by the overwhelming effects of transient camps, which are increasing in numbers within the United States. The issue has grown even more so due to COVID19 and the closure of several homeless shelters. These camps create a biological hazard for the community as well as endangering the health and wellbeing of the homeless. The clean-up of these sites often involves extensive work, including biological decontamination by trained biohazard remediation professionals. It is a much more complex task than removing the trash and waste from homeless camps, whether you are faced with a large scale homeless encampment on several acres, or a small single camp behind a building or in a trash enclosure.

Clean Community Project’s certified technicians handle the situation with safety, correct equipment, compassion, respect, empathy and the humanitarian aspects required. Even though it’s your private property, we acknowledge that they are people in  need and we are sensitive to their needs throughout the process. During the eviction process it has been common that we grab them a coffee to keep them warm or offer them snacks or foods or other essential items to help them out as much as possible. Clean Community Project’s experienced biohazard clean-up/remediation teams are available 24/7 to meet Washington’s homeless transient/camp cleanup needs.

The Process In Summary:

Reporting Process

Report the transient homeless camp to the Navigation team, they will reach out to us or you can contact us directly for a consultation.